Monday, May 19, 2008

Prayer Requests!

Most of you know that I (Mary) am in Colorado for the month of May. My mom was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in April and is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments. While visiting home has been nice to see friends and family we’ve missed and warm showers are a bonus, Andy and I are naturally needing prayers. Please pray for:

• Andy’s spirit, safety, and health in the Philippines.
• Andy’s success with quick progression in the purchase and construction of the playground.
• That I would serve Mom in the best way possible for her and our family.
• That I would embrace my time at home, honoring God and those around me.
• Andy's and my relationship as we miss each other terribly and communication is fairly difficult.
• That mom’s body would respond to the chemotherapy shrinking the size of the tumor to allow for surgery and full tumor removal in August!
• That mom’s symptoms during the chemotherapy would vanish. That she would have energy, without aches and nausea, and her spirit would remain positive and strong!

If you’d like to keep up on my mom’s progress, visit:

Blessings, MT