Monday, May 19, 2008

Boracay, Philippines

A few weeks ago we took a last minute trip to Boracay, Philippines, a tiny beach island about an hour flight south of Manila. We had a weekend where we weren’t doing much, so we decided to go on a little adventure and see some of the Philippines we know we’d not have the chance to see again. Boracay island is a popular beach destination for local Filipinos as well as other Southeast Asian tourists as it has various water sports available, white sandy beaches, and plentiful restaurants and nightlife. We went all out and spent the weekend kayaking along the beach, snorkeling in the clear reefs off the coast, and jet skiing. Our afternoons were spent laying on the beach before running for cover from the late afternoon thunderstorms that rolled in and absolutely drenched anyone unlucky enough to still be outside. Our pictures are limited because the first evening we were there we dropped the camera into a pool or rainwater and it broke…oops. Sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination…

It was a great getaway and we feel lucky to be able to have had the chance to make it down there.