Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hygiene Day today….

Wow these kids were dirty! Brown knees, black feet, boogers on their noses, and lice in their hair - filthy in fact! However, we have NEVER seen kids play like that! They were so filled with energy, love and spirit! Street kids and squatter kids aren’t afraid of much – even a very tall white kid…. Needless to say we had a blast today!

Aside from the large ministries of street gangs, Rugby boys, squatter school and programs; Youth Mobilization is very involved with the general public. We stopped counting kid’s heads this afternoon at 160 when we ran out of toothbrushes. But we served many more than that as they would all opt for a free haircut, shower, and warm food. Each participant today received a free haircut of their choice, a hand scrubbing (fingernails clipped), a shower, a tooth brushing and some warm soup and a cup of milk AND a lot of red light / green light, duck duck goose, patty cake, and push ups with Kuya (term of endearment of a ‘brother’) Andy (they say Aaaaaaandy! With a long ‘A’)!

By the way I picked up some serious hair cutting skills today. I can now cut females’ hair into “V-cut”, “Asian girl” (that is short in the back tapered to long in the front), “square” and the general “layers”.